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MUVIT is the New Digital Auction Standard

Did you know that MUVIT has an exclusive Lot Capture Service? Contact us today!

1 Hour Listings

Don’t waste any time with our quick 1hr listings. For convenience and speed, simply click-to-MUVIT and have the vehicles live within a few minutes. The event lasts 1 hour and you can re-list vehicles if you like.

Custom Sales Events

We give you the power to create your own custom sales events on the fly. From your desktop or mobile, you can decide when the event will start and end and what bidding style you want for your vehicles – offering you a tailored and flexible experience.

Daily Listings

Instant and hassle-free selling from wherever you are, you can also list vehicles in a 24 hr daily listing sale which starts at 4pm EST every day and closes at 4pm EST the following day with Buy Now or Make an Offer bidding styles.

We remove the friction from buying and selling.

A Powerful New Remarketing Experience

AI integrated vehicle inspection technology.

Muvit’s industry leading AI integrated vehicle inspection technology offers customers the most accurate and quickest vehicle inspection process in the market allowing sellers to post vehicles for sale within minutes.

Simplified omnichannel experience.

  • Wide variety of sales and bidding formats to choose from to fit every seller’s remarketing strategy.
  • Manage wholesale inventory on the go with our device agnostic platform.
  • Smart notifications to find vehicles quickly and never miss a good deal.
  • Simplified search – call out ability to add vehicles to their watchlist, create alerts to get notified on specific vehicles.

We have proxy bidding, reserve style bidding, buy now, and make an offer.

We allow buyers and sellers to have a seamless negotiation process directly on the platform and we also facilitate this with our trade desk concierge services.

We remove the friction from buying and selling.

A Powerful New Remarketing Experience

Pre-sale and Post Sale Inspections

Manheim auctions also feature a full range of services, from detailing to light mechanical repairs and pre-sale/post-sale inspections. Plus, our one-stop shop eliminates logistics and scheduling hassles so you can concentrate on selling.


Ready Logistics provides an easy and reliable solution via drive-away and carrier services. No matter where you are in the country, we can help you manage your transportation with various service options and allow you more time to focus on buying and selling.


NextGear Capital is the industry’s leading comprehensive provider of lending products, providing flexible lines of credit for dealers to purchase New and Used inventory at over 1,000 auto and specialty auctions and other inventory sources throughout the United States and Canada. NextGear provides dealers retail and wholesale line of credits to purchase used vehicle inventory.

Lot Capture Services

Cox Automotive’ s lot capture services make the process of inspecting and listing vehicles online easier than ever before. With our team of industry experts, we visit your lot and capture any vehicles you want to list online with a consistent and standard process that better promotes your cars through clearly presented reliable data.

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